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Jesus Is Intolerant

What did Jesus have to say about the issues we face today, such as the redefinition of marriage in the name of celebrating love, or the demand for rights to do what we want with our own body? Was He tolerant and indifferent, or intolerant and loving?

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Political Assassination

In many ways the anointing on John the Baptist is the same anointing on the Church since its birth. But was John the Baptist purely prophetic about the future, or was he also prophetic about the present, the immorality and weak character of those in political authority, the leaders of society and consequently society in general?

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Politics In The Bible


Love Your Neighbour


The Tools of Democracy

History has been indelibly marked by believers who have challenged the status quo of socially acceptable immorality. I believe the Church is full of very passionate people, truly willing to be inconvenienced for the love of their neighbours and our nation.

Preach It, Nehemiah


Nehemiah Is My Role Model

I love how patriotic Nehemiah was. He loved his nation, neighbours he'd never met, and he organised them from rabble and rubble to remove the shame of the nation and make it great again. How can Nehemiah's example be applied to the Church age?

How Would Jesus Vote?


The Lack of Logic for the Redefinition of Marriage

The position for change is entirely subjective opinion, and has no foundation on objective reason or ration. There is no consistently applicable logic. Advocates of change are quite happy to discriminate on their subjective moral compass whilst condemning those like me who discriminate on the eternal moral compass, the Word of God.

Thinking Out Loud


Be Better Informed


Stay Tuned For

The topics I'll be addressing in this blog will be practical teaching designed to resource believers and church leaders in better understanding how politics works in Australia, and how the Church works in politics (and vice versa).

These will include:
• Separation of Church & State?
• Australia's Christian Identity
• Prolific Politics in the Bible
• Love Like the Good Samaritan
• Preach It, Nehemiah
• The Australian Political System
• How Jesus Would Vote
• The Importance of Prayer