We need you to make your voice heard on abortion!

Abortion activists are continuing to push Queensland parliamentarians to decriminalise abortion and install Victorian style open-slather abortion laws in Queensland.

A recent opinion poll (click here to read our media release on the results) shows there is no public consensus to decriminalise abortion and, in fact, 74% of Queensland voters are opposed to abortion past the first trimester.

However those facts haven’t stopped GetUp! supporters and other abortion activists from inundating the offices of Queensland MPs with emails and phone calls.

We’re asking you to get further activated on this crucial issue.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit our ‘Alive and Kicking’ campaign by clicking here or going to www.makeastand.org.au and sending an email to your politicians to let them know you don’t support decriminalising abortion. If you have already sent an email please phone your local political representative to let them know of your concerns. (Click here if you need the number)

Please also forward this email to your friends, family, fellow church members, etc and ask them to take part in this campaign.
Thanks for your support,
Jim Wallace AM
Managing Director – Australian Christian Lobby

I hate how Christians and conservatives are labeled by social-regressives as “extremists” and “the far right”.  That was Pauline Hanson and One Nation, a far cry from the majority of Christians and conservatives.  They then spin their negative, life-quenching philosophies as somehow positive.  It’s a grasp at straws to call abortion pro-choice, another label, ignoring the fact that the soul in question isn’t asked how he or she feels about ending up in a bucket in bloody pieces.  No, you’re not pro-choice.  I’m pro-choice – the baby’s choice.  Why don’t we wait ’till they’re 18 and ask them then if they would’ve minded – that would be pro-choice.

I really do feel for the poor men and women who unwillingly end up parents.  It’s a significantly life-changing event that should be full of joy and celebration, but when unplanned can bring all kinds of hardship.  But I do not allow those facts to alter the ever-present and un-ignorable facts that there is precious life there, and every reasonable step should be taken to treasure, nurture and protect life.  Whether it be whales in Australian waters, trees older than colonisation, or silent babies at any stage of gestation – life is life; and none is more precious than a human life.

THIS is the inconvenient truth, and rationalising it away by focusing on any other individual involved requires a full ignorance of the central individual involved; and I can’t condone that or remain silent while anyone else considers legislating it anything less than immoral and regressive.  We are all in need of grace and thus in the same boat morally, so there’s no high ground here.  Without the saving Grace of Christ, no one is perfect in God’s sight, but forgiveness is full and abounds for all.  But this isn’t about us.  It’s about the babies yet to be born, and with no one to defend them except…