I am so tired of Bob Brown and The Greens constantly attacking the fabric of our society.  Moral regression is the detail in most of their policies, and labels of extremism hurled at conservatives is their chorus.  When will we be able to rest assured that no one is trying to unweave the social fabric woven with family units, the holy definition of the sacrament of marriage, and the absolutely paramount value of all human life in whatever condition we find it?  When will we, as a Nation, turn back to God and acknowledge our human condition, and basic need for Him?  “Traditional” is not always a pejorative term, it can also be synonymous with “proven”.

Greens leader Bob Brown has again introduced a bill into the Senate to return to the Territories the ability to legislate on the issue of euthanasia.  

Debate on Bob Brown’s bill to restore to the Territories the ability to legalise euthanasia began in the Senate last week. We need your help to rebuff this latest push by the Greens to introduce euthanasia law.

Please sign the online petition against euthanasia and write a short email to your Senate representatives letting them know that you are opposed to Bob Brown’s bill, which would devalue human life and put vulnerable people at risk.

The bill would overturn a 1997 bill – the ‘Andrews’ amendment’ – which itself overturned the Northern Territory’s short-lived Rights of the Terminally Ill [voluntary euthanasia] Act.

Bob Brown has marketed his Restoring Territory Rights (Voluntary Euthanasia Legislation) Bill 2010 as being entirely about granting citizens of the Territories the same ‘right’ to determine their own legislation on euthanasia as citizens of the states, but this is misleading.

If the bill were passed euthanasia supporters would target the Territory parliaments, which are smaller and have fewer checks and balances than most states. A legislative ‘success’ in a Territory would have national ramifications, keeping euthanasia firmly on the political radar and pressuring other jurisdictions to follow suit.

This is why ‘Care not Killing’ is one of ACL’s most important ever campaigns.

ACL’s petition has already attracted over 1400 signatures, but a massive response is needed to send a clear message to Federal politicians that placing the lives of vulnerable elderly, sick and depressed Australians is just not on.

Please sign the petition against euthanasia, and also alert your friends, family and colleagues to the campaign. They ask for our help in seeing this terrible bill defeated.