How very sad. I won’t explain it twice, just read my letter to Beyond Blue – a great charity with diminishing appeal since its latest campaign comparing being gay to being left handed (included below).

I support your goal of respecting everyone. I deplore your method of respecting everything. Your baseless presumption that homosexuality is as normal as being left-handed is a scientific fantasy and you treat it as established fact. I love gays as much as anyone else, and unfortunately just saying that treats them differently. I applaud the 85 legislative changes years ago to afford them equal rights to every other defacto couple in Australia.

But with the glaring myths in your campaign as a fundamentally flawed premise supporting an otherwise laudable outcome, I cannot share it. The trendy propaganda of the gay lobby does not need to be subscribed to to accept and respect its individuals. And this should have been your point from the start.Instead, you’ve preached the gospel according to gays, and that will be counter-productive in far too many sections. Equipping a society to maturely and respectfully disagree is far more progressive than to argue a universally acknowledged issue in conjunction with a far from concluded, divisive issue.The very sad thing was your motives for mixing the messages was the predictability of its divisiveness.Please reconsider, and do a better campaign urgently replacing this childish one.”