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Publically Judging Believers

I am uncomfortable with the dissonance between Christian love and grace, and unrestrained and personal public attack on other believers over matters less significant than the explicit command of Jesus to display love for each other as evidence of being His disciples for all men to see. I’ve written this to explain and teach what I believe is a significantly more Scriptural posture regarding public rebukes for those prone to indulge in the opposite.

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Judge Not… Or Not?

Are we allowed to judge? Didn’t Jesus say not to? One of the most common retorts to an assertion of absolute Truth confronting moral relativism is, “Jesus said, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged!'” When people simplistically throw this verse in your face as apparent proof of your weak Christianity, they only prove they have not read the whole chapter, placing that verse in context.

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What is the "People-Pleasing" Gospel

It is because God is good that we can be saved and go to heaven, not because we are good. This isn’t a “people pleasing Gospel”, this is what Jesus promised when He said “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” So what IS a “people-pleasing Gospel?

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William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce is a shining example of what a politically engaged Christian can achieve. He left behind a great legacy of leading the English abolition of slavery, and also achieved the position of English Prime Minister. But his philosophies, and idealism, and unflinching resolve against the greatest legally and socially acceptable, popular immorality of his day remain inspirational to those who believe it’s their patriotic and Christian duty to take a stand and actively oppose injustice and immorality, and to balance this with sound character and relationships – no easy feat!

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My Father Made This!

Some of my best thinking and articulation happens in response to challenges. I love being driven back to fundamental doctrines and Scriptures to scrutinise and consolidate my beliefs, and to then communicate this back to the conversant. An acquaintance recently challenged my response to another challenge of my faith in God as the Creator. Here’s how that conversation went…

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Healing is His Will For You Today

Let’s choose to establish a confidence and faith in our hearts, based in the Truth in God’s Word that healing is God’s will for us, despite the facts of present circumstances that would persuade us otherwise. Twelve spies agreed on the facts, ten responded in fear, but two responded in faith & lived to see the facts change to align with the Truth of God’s Promises. Let faith, blessing & life be your response today, and not fear, cursing & death.

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Do You Believe in Aliens?

Some people who have no problem believing in aliens, struggle to believe in God. Others categorically deny the possibility of a literal reading of the Genesis account of Creation, or even intelligent design; but believe life on earth may have been “seeded” by advanced aliens…

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Dealing With Depression

Depression is a very real & debilitating condition.
It’s not a bad attitude. It’s not merely weak responses or poor choices. It’s certainly not a sin. It’s a state of health as valid & real as broken bones. And it’s common, approximately 1 in 3 people will be affected at some stage in their life.

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Nobody's Perfect

It must absolutely break the heart of God when, in His Name, His children hurt other people, both Believers and the Lost.
Some Christians are the best argument against Christianity, I’m so sad to admit. There’s no more validity in that though then in not voting for someone you like because one of their volunteers offended you.

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Blessing Before Repentance

In a recent Facebook status update, I posed the question, “Which comes first: blessing or repentance?”  The responses I got were varied. My local hardware store owner asked, “Isnt it the chicken or the...

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Questions Vs Answers

Let’s face it, how much could God really expect us to get right, from His perspective?! Well, as a percentage, it’s probably less than 1% if we aggregate the collective knowledge of the entire human history. How much can a child know about the realities its parents face? Some things are just beyond comprehension because of where we’re at.

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The topics I'll be addressing in this blog will be practical teaching designed to resource believers and church leaders in better understanding how politics works in Australia, and how the Church works in politics (and vice versa).

These will include:
• Separation of Church & State?
• Australia's Christian Identity
• Prolific Politics in the Bible
• Love Like the Good Samaritan
• Preach It, Nehemiah
• The Australian Political System
• How Jesus Would Vote
• The Importance of Prayer