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My Father Made This!

Some of my best thinking and articulation happens in response to challenges. I love being driven back to fundamental doctrines and Scriptures to scrutinise and consolidate my beliefs, and to then communicate this back to the conversant. An acquaintance recently challenged my response to another challenge of my faith in God as the Creator. Here’s how that conversation went…

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Beyond Blue Goes Beyond True

Equipping a society to maturely and respectfully disagree is far more progressive than to argue a universally acknowledged issue in conjunction with a far from concluded, divisive issue. The very sad thing was your motives for mixing the messages was the predictability of its divisiveness.

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Dealing With Depression

Depression is a very real & debilitating condition.
It’s not a bad attitude. It’s not merely weak responses or poor choices. It’s certainly not a sin. It’s a state of health as valid & real as broken bones. And it’s common, approximately 1 in 3 people will be affected at some stage in their life.

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Bank fees – out with the old, in with the new!

You schedule a regular payment to someone else’s account on the internet. Zero wages or employee assistance required. The time for transfer comes, and the computer compares your balance to the amount required. The computer, in less than a second, says, “If balance available is less than balance required, then send Transaction Failed electronic message to account holder, else process scheduled transaction.” Again, zero wages or employee assistance required. Clearly, there are no variable overheads incurred by these mammoth corporate citizens, certainly not any justifying a $9 fee as charged by Westpac, or $6 as quoted to me by ANZ.

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The topics I'll be addressing in this blog will be practical teaching designed to resource believers and church leaders in better understanding how politics works in Australia, and how the Church works in politics (and vice versa).

These will include:
• Separation of Church & State?
• Australia's Christian Identity
• Prolific Politics in the Bible
• Love Like the Good Samaritan
• Preach It, Nehemiah
• The Australian Political System
• How Jesus Would Vote
• The Importance of Prayer