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You Can’t Make Voters Think!

WHAT IF ballot papers had no political information, no party identifications, just names?

What if voters had to actually learn about the candidates seeking to represent their views, their family, their financial interests, their freedom?

It is harmful, and the height of hypocrisy, that a country boasting freedom and democracy like ours compels and penalises failure to participate in that freedom.

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William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce is a shining example of what a politically engaged Christian can achieve. He left behind a great legacy of leading the English abolition of slavery, and also achieved the position of English Prime Minister. But his philosophies, and idealism, and unflinching resolve against the greatest legally and socially acceptable, popular immorality of his day remain inspirational to those who believe it’s their patriotic and Christian duty to take a stand and actively oppose injustice and immorality, and to balance this with sound character and relationships – no easy feat!

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Abolish Human Abortion

John Wesley writes to us now, regarding God Almighty raising you and I to oppose the modern evil scandal of our faith, country and humanity; in opposition to the whole, self-titled “pro-choice” world. Confident that God has raised us up for this very thing, we are confident we will not be worn out by the opposition of human or spiritual forces. His voice from the past, relevant for ever regarding the abolition of immoral atrocities, encourages us now.

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Reinforce Marriage

Advocates of changing the definition of marriage love to tell me to mind my own business: that what happens in their bedrooms doesn’t affect me. Well that may be true, but I didn’t try to change the laws, the constitution, or the institution of marriage itself. What you try to do in my country’s government absolutely is my business, and you can absolutely bet I will not be silent when you take your business from the bedroom to capital. You made it open for public debate, so don’t resent a public debater.

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Left vs Right

“A young woman from Bayview was about to finish her first year at Sydney University.

Like so many others her age, she considered herself to be politically concerned about “social justice”, and she was very much in favour of higher taxes to support her education and for more government programs – in other words, the redistribution of wealth.

She was deeply embarrassed that her father was a rather staunch blue-ribbon Liberal Party voter…”

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Skirts, Swings, and Senators

That any Australian could luxuriate in the comfort of our physical, philosophical and political safety and comfort, and not equally sympathise with the suffering and loss on both sides of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but rather unconditionally vilify one side over another is tantamount to the political amorality of 1930s Germany.

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Earth's climate crisis ain't necessarily so

WHILE the Gillard government’s climate-change parliamentary committee plots to wreck Australia’s economy with a rigged market to make motoring and electricity unaffordable as soon as the new Greens-infected Senate starts work in July, thoughtful pollies are at last – privately, quietly – beginning to ask the Gershwin question.

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Does Labor Always Need To Cheat?

Labor has no upper house to rubber stamp or stop their government’s stupid decisions. They have no legal requirement to be truthful to the remaining house of our elected representatives (a la Gordon Nuttall). And now they want to rort the electoral system, the one remaining hope of holding this government to account for its record of failure and inaction.

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The Greens' Assault on Society

I am so tired of Bob Brown and The Greens constantly attacking the fabric of our society. Moral regression is the detail in most of their policies, and labels of extremism hurled at conservatives is their chorus. When will we be able to rest assured that no one is trying to unweave the social fabric woven with family units, the holy definition of the sacrament of marriage, and the absolutely paramount value of all human life in whatever condition we find it? “Traditional” is not always a pejorative term, it can also be synonymous with “proven”.

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Incitement to Genocide

For the sake of those who died in the Holocaust he denies,
For the sake of those who would die in the Holocaust he threatens,
For the sake of all who could be victims of future genocides.

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Can The LNP Lose The Next Election?

It is hard to imagine how the Qld Labor party, with the most unpopular leader in decades, the worst objectively measured performance in infrastructure, health, and borrowings/financial management in the country and living memory, and a pathological ability to spring significant policy surprises on us just weeks after an election, could be re-elected. It is arguably the conservative side’s election to lose, rather than an election that needs to be won. What could upset this apple cart?

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The topics I'll be addressing in this blog will be practical teaching designed to resource believers and church leaders in better understanding how politics works in Australia, and how the Church works in politics (and vice versa).

These will include:
• Separation of Church & State?
• Australia's Christian Identity
• Prolific Politics in the Bible
• Love Like the Good Samaritan
• Preach It, Nehemiah
• The Australian Political System
• How Jesus Would Vote
• The Importance of Prayer