Vocal Minority Rejected As Viable Majority

It is absolutely incredible how well organised the transparently-hypocritical, social-fringe Left are when it comes to actively regressing social values. Hypocritical because, despite lauding the benefits of separating Church and State, they want Government to redefine an institution and Holy Sacrament of the Church, millenia older than any modern State’s constitution.  Hypocritical because despite staunch criticism of any preaching of the Word of God as an infliction of one religious view over another, they want to inflict their secular, humanistic and hedonistic religion on the dictionary definition of marriage.  Hypocritical because despite (rightly) calling any labels used on their minorities and morals, “vilification and bigotry”, they freely and liberally throw around words such as bigot and homophobic.

Well these theophobia suffering individuals have today had a little Truth shone on their absolutely distorted representations of the actual values of modern, progressive Australian society.  They are a minority.  They are so keenly aware of this, and or possess an attitude of the ends justifying the means, that they corruptly, en masse, tried to distort the research they commissioned!

No one is trying to deny gays the equal rights anyone in a heterosexual de facto relationship enjoys legally, other than where it unfairly impacts on others not in that relationship, specifically: planned parenting deliberately without both a mother or a father (which is a whole other topic).  No one is saying they’re a different quality or value of citizen; no one is vilifying their lifestyle choice or even their spiritual condition.  All I and millions of other concerned Australians are saying is, “You may not redefine the age-old definition of Marriage.”

God’s is the same yesterday, today and forever.  The New Testament doesn’t cancel the Old Testament or God’s Laws anymore than the missing piece of a puzzle removes the need for the other pieces of the puzzle.  Jesus, and the Grace & Mercy of the new covenant, fulfill and complete the Old Testament and the Laws of Moses.  The Law establishes we cannot possibly earn or deserve our own righteousness; the Grace of God says it is freely given if it is simply received and accepted – just believe in Jesus Christ and His completed work on the cross!

How arrogant to think the flimsy whims of a society’s sense of morality could impact on timeless, universal Truth.  How arrogant to think after centuries of civilisations progressing we’ve suddenly arrived at a place of sufficient enlightenment or scientific discovery to be an authority unto ourselves higher than our Creator.  How many societies in history do we, as a society, now stand in judgement of as characterised by depraved behaviour that they subjectively valued and rationalised as natural and moral?  What a joke!  We are so much smarter then they, that we cannot get any smarter, and cannot be absolutely wrong?!  What a ludicrous position!

Instead, admit your finite fragility and the constant journey that is humanity, and recognise the need for an absolute Truth beyond ourselves.  Have the courage to acknowledge your accountability to a Power higher than yourself.  Whatever you believe isn’t true just because you believe it.  IF God is true, then by pure definition alone He is capable of ensuring His Word is uncorrupted and infallible as we receive it today.  IF His Word is True, than He will pass the test of the sincere search.

If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.
Jeremiah 29:13

Here’s a summary of the defeat of Anti-Marriage Activists from Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby (and brave subject of more hateful vilification than is legal toward any minority group).



If we maintain our commitment, 24th August will go down as a turning in the battle for marriage.

In an event that Greens MP Adam Bandt had precipitated, his campaign for marriage received a severe setback when 18 of the 30 MPs reporting back recorded huge majorities in their electoral consultation against same-sex marriage.

It was nearly 8:1 against same-sex marriage on average in these majority seats and Kevin Andrews reported 90% of his consultation against it.

The numbers included: 1015 to 65 against in Deakin and 595 to 14 against in Hinkler for instance.

Criticism of the methods of the gay activists was implicit throughout the process.

Even those in favour like Malcolm Turner had to acknowledge having to discount a huge proportion of well-organised returns from outside the electorate. People pretended to be who they weren’t, trying to pervert a consultation process they initiated. One member reported having to discount over 900 emails and others as many as 50%.

Realising the improbability of achieving a change to Labor policy with this lack of support in the electorates, the same-sex activists are now calling for a conscience vote to be made ALP party policy.

But the people voting by those margins for marriage will not be placated by this. They know this is providing the Greens with a loaded gun lying around the Parliament for them to take up and abuse whenever they feel a mind to – continually wasting parliamentary time on drawn out conscience votes until, by legislative fatigue, people pass it.

This is not a life issue, which deserve conscience votes. It is an issue of how the foundational relationship of our society should be defined. It is something to stand for, an issue that Australians should expect parties to have a policy on as a matter of principle.

Well done to all those who contacted their politicians, and stay strong for the next round.

Jim Wallace AM
Managing Director

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