It must absolutely break the heart of God when, in His Name, His children hurt other people, both Believers and the Lost.

Some Christians are the best argument against Christianity, I’m so sad to admit. There’s no more validity in that though then in not voting for someone you like because one of their volunteers offended you.

There is a very difficult balance to be achieved and pursued: the balance between not apologising for or compromising the standards, integrity, and messages of His Word, the Bible; and not delivering condemnation, guilt and judgement on those who are unbelievers or each other.

The Message is Good News; not bad news. It’s Grace, forgiveness, Love & Redemption. The Law & Justice are completed by Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary; they are not ends or the message in themselves.

God sees us as safe & secured eternally; or lost, just as sheep without a Shepherd. He does not want anyone to die in their natural state of unforgiven sin because the forgiveness is freely available to all who would receive him as Lord and believe on Him.

Why can’t we, the carriers of His Good News remember that and be ever so careful of how our message is communicated. Yes, righteousness is offensive to unrighteousness, good is offensive to evil, holiness is absurdity to selfishness and sin. But that does not make it a holy ambition or outcome to be offensive.

Do not be apologetic for God’s Word – it is eternal and beyond transient, “socially acceptable” humanism and hedonism. But do not lose the eyes of Jesus when viewing the recipient of that message: someone who is not-yet-forgiven, in need of the Great Physician; and not yet at the Judgement Throne.

In everything we do we must therefore strive to speak (and write) with Grace, compassion, mercy and love – and without personal judgement or condemnation. We, the well-intended Christians, have thoroughly tried the latter, and it’s not convincing anyone. Let’s now try it Christ’s Way.

For those non-believers reading this. Please be patient.  Please understand that Christians are not perfect either, just forgiven.  As in all walks of life, backgrounds, cultures and organisations, some people mature in some areas faster than others, and some people just haven’t really got it yet.  But they might one day, and in the mean time, please don’t judge God and His Love by the people trying to figure it out themselves.

Nobody’s perfect, and that’s the whole point of the Good News.