I’m so blessed and impressed by God’s perfect Father love for us.  If you haven’t watched the documentary, “Father of Lights”, you need to.  It’s actually the third in a trilogy, and I thoroughly encourage every person on the planet to watch them.

In brief, they address the number one thing much of the Church has forgotten, especially in the West.  Love.

We think we know it, understand, have it, show it, are motivated by it, give it – and I won’t disagree, except to say – but there’s more.  If we’re doing such a good job, why do gays think we hate them?  It doesn’t matter if they’re right or wrong, as much as it matters they perceive we don’t.  I know I love them.  As they are.  No conditions.  No agendas.  Just like Jesus.  I love them.

God loves them.

We can’t append this sentiment, or it becomes conditional.  Jesus never put conditions on anyone.  They either loved Him, or they were never going to do anything else for Him.  But when they loved, they loved Him with their whole lives, and that should be enough for us too.

Show Christ’s love, manifest His love, share His love, BE His love – and nothing else.  God is well able to take it from there, but ministers of His reconciliation is ALL we are tasked to be.  And until we get a revelation of Jesus’ ministry, our own will be inadequate.

Grab this picture and make it your Facebook cover.  And ask God for a fresh revelation of His love to grab as well.