Do you believe in aliens?
Some people who have no problem believing in aliens, struggle to believe in God. Others categorically deny the possibility of a literal reading of the Genesis account of Creation, or even intelligent design; but believe life on earth may have been “seeded” by advanced aliens – unless that alien was from a realm of existence they can’t comprehend – but that advanced alien (conveniently) has an unexplained origin.

Some Westerners believe in ghosts and paranormal activity, contacting the dead, and actively search out other paranormal, supernatural power; but don’t believe the One True God could reliably reveal Himself or communicate eternal Truth to mankind, or that there are spirits whose agenda is deception & perversion of those Truths.

What’s obvious, & necessary to be honest about acknowledging in pursuit of our understanding is: everyone’s worldview shapes a natural faith in the unexplained & unproven realities of the Universe.

Having faith isn’t necessarily wrong, because everyone has it, including the people who have a good grasp on Truth. But if you deny the part it plays in EVERYONE’s passionately defended position, you are the most deluded kind of secular/religious zealot.