It is hard to imagine how the Qld Labor party, with the most unpopular leader in decades, the worst objectively measured performance in infrastructure, health, and borrowings/financial management in the country and living memory, and a pathological ability to spring significant policy surprises on us just weeks after an election, could be re-elected.  It is arguably the conservative side’s election to lose, rather than an election that needs to be won.  What could upset this apple cart?

Division.  It is the LNP’s election to lose, and yet they have one MP so sure it’s his turn to be deputy leader five minutes after he’s first elected and then, disappointed few agreed, starting a whole new party!  Then they periodically have one or two disgruntled power brokers on the outer agitating for a leadership challenge via a deputy who transparently wants it like it’s some juicy bone that overstimulates saliva glands in the hungriest fighter you’ve ever seen.  And under girding all this is a quiet but constant current of rumors that the new Liberal Party is a good idea, bandied about by those malcontent’s who didn’t get a position at the first amalgamation and believe every dead horse should be thoroughly flogged before pronouncing, no matter how shiny a steed is saddled and ready beside them.

But what can we reasonably expect from a party comprised significantly of ambitious, entrepreneurial business people who always know best, in the common personality type of the manager / director?  Conservative Queenslanders would hopefully a mature and objective realisation, perhaps, that unity commands a blessing, and that division would be Labor’s greatest wish for the LNP’s future.  I believe and personally know there are plenty of these sensible team players (which isn’t to in turn blindly promote the party line).  But as far as strategies go, and opposition is a battle, unity and focus are the best weapons against a pathetically performing government.  All Queenslanders want is a viable alternative, and disunity is the complete opposite.

So to those detractors of the positive message we are trying to convey to our voters, longing to hear it: please stop making so much noise.  Please focus on the real opponent: the lying, over-taxing, asset-selling, debt-borrowing, mismanaging, incompetent party of socially-regressive, liberal, Labor government members who need to be shown the biggest voter swing Queensland has ever seen.  And perhaps now the only thing really threatening our chance of gaining government for the good of our families, businesses, and sun-blessed state is the disunity you foolishly consider wise by some subjective and selfish rationalisation.  If you can’t say anything nice about your own team, don’t say anything at all.  Just Sssshhhh!