By Sylvia Pellowe


God is Love – 1 John 4:8.

Everything He does/says/thinks comes out of His complete nature of Love. Absolute Love.

The New Covenant is BETTTER. Hebrews 8:6.

Not just a scape-goat but Jesus took my place and I took His. Heb. 13:12.

My sin is not just covered over but it is paid for completely – wiped out by the BLOOD of Jesus.

Now I am what God says that I am.


The Word of God in my heart and in my mouth.


1          Nothing happens unless a word is used/spoken.

2          God has placed His word above His Name.

3          Ps 119:96. “Even perfection has its limit but Your commands (word) has no limits.”

4          When the enemy comes in with a lying thought say “That’s not my thought”  Speak God’s word and make the word your thoughts.

5          We are accountable for every word we say. Matt. 12:36 – because our words are creative.

6          We must learn to speak only what agrees with God’s view/belief of things.


Who Am I Really? My Authority – I will use it and not be a pushover for the devil.


1          Who I am is hidden in Jesus Christ. Col. 3:2.

(Christ = The Anointed One and His Anointing)

2          We must learn to speak about ourselves exactly what God says about us.

3          Meditate on “mutter” the word and make vocal confessions. Preach to yourself the word of


My Faith Confesssions.


Ephesians 1:3 – I am blessed with all spiritual blessings

Eph 1:3 I am united with Christ

Eph. 1:4  God loved me and chose me before He made the World.

Eph. 1:4  I am holy and without fault.

Eph. 1:5  I am an adopted child in the family of God.

Eph. 1:5  It gave God great pleasure to adopt me.

Eph. 1:6  He has poured His glorious grace out on me.

Eph. 1:7  He purchased my freedom from the devil with the Blood of Jesus.

Eph. 1:7 My sins are all forgiven.

Eph.1:8  God has showered/lavished His kindness on me.

Eph. 1:8 God has showered/lavished His wisdom on me.

Eph. 1:8 God has showered/lavished His understanding on me.

Eph. 1:9  He has revealed His mysterious plan to me.

Eph. 1:10 I have received an inheritance from God.

(All good and perfect gifts come from God. – James.)

Eph. 1:12 – 13. My life is purposed to bring glory to my Father God.

Eph. 1:13 The precious Holy Spirit in my life is my guarantee that I belong to God.

Eph. 1:17 I have spiritual wisdom, insight and knowledge – mine for the asking and          receiving.

Eph. 1:18. I have a confident hope in God. (Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.)

Eph. 1:18 I am holy.

Eph. 1:18. I am Father God’s rich and glorious inheritance.

Eph. 1:19. I am understanding the incredible greatness of God’s power in me.

Eph. 1:20 Because I am united with Christ, I am seated with Him in the place of honour at

God’s right hand.

Eph. 1:22 Jesus is the HEAD and I am part of HIS BODY – therefore everything the Head has the Body has.

Eph. 1:23 I am made complete in Christ. (Nothing missing – Nothing Broken 1 John 4.17)


Faith – No Fear or Unbelief


1          Fear Tolerated is Faith Contaminated.

2          Jesus repeatedly instructed us not to fear.

3          Just as Faith is the connection to God and The Blessing so Fear is the connection to the devil        and the curse.

4          Oppression = all manifestations of the curse. Isaiah 54:14.

5          Fear is sin and keeps bad company.  Revelation 21:7-8.

6          Sin is anything that disconnects me from God and The Blessing and connects me with death.